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AWANA is an acronym that means Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.

It's a children's program that has an objective to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ.

It is derived from 2 Timothy 2:15 which says: Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved,

a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

AWANA Calendar
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We are thankful you are sending your kids to AWANA.  The following information should be helpful for everyone to have a good time at Club.


MEETING TIMES:  Club meetings are held each Wednesday night with check-in from 6:15-6:30 and club meetings from 6:30-8 pm at Edgewood Bible Church in Edgewood.  Club meetings will be held August 31, 2022 - April 19, 2023.


CANCELLATION POLICY:  If Ed-Co School is canceled or dismissed early because of bad weather, then AWANA will be canceled for that night also.


AWANA SHARES:   Clubbers may earn points by saying verses, wearing their uniform, attending Sunday School or Church, bringing their Bible, handbook and bringing a visitor to AWANA.  If he earns 80 points or more in one evening, he will receive an AWANA share or shares.  Shares can be used at the AWANA Store which will be held three times during the Club year  


DISCIPLINE:  Discipline is essential at club meetings  When it is necessary to quiet the entire group of clubbers, the FIVE COUNT SYSTEM is used.  The time it takes to count to five gives ample time to become quiet.  The THREE COUNT SYSTEM of discipline is used for individual misbehavior.  The clubber will be given a warning about his or her behavior and explained what will happen if the misbehavior continues. The clubber will either be removed from Club for the rest of the night or taken home by two AWANA leaders.


FEES:  We will not be charging dues this year but we do ask that you pay $12 for your child’s handbook if they need one.  (This is an increase of $1 from last year)  ALL CLUBBERS IN T&T (3RD-6TH GRADE) WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A NEW HANDBOOK EACH  YEAR.  Uniforms: Sparks vest - $13, T&T uniform $18 and Trek shirt $17.


SOCIAL MEDIA:  AWANA has a private Facebook group called Edgewood AWANA Club which you can join.  You can also access AWANA information and the church calendar at, then click on the connect tab and click AWANA.  You can also access it by scrolling down on the church home page and then clicking on the AWANA quick link.  Please let us know if you do not wish your child’s picture posted on the private Facebook group or in the local paper.


COMING PREPARED FOR CLUB NIGHT:  The following things will help your clubber have a more enjoyable time at club:  having worked on their memory verse, bringing their handbook and Bible, and wearing tennis shoes as they are needed for games.  


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Art & Anne Beyer  

563-608-2504 (Art-cell)

563-920-7394 (Anne-cell)

563-933-4162 (Home)

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