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Edgewood Bible Church's

doctrinal statement

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The mission of Edgewood Bible Church is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord, so as to win everyone to the Savior; to increase Christian faithfulness in its members; to send its Christian influence as far as possible throughout the world by aiding those persons and organizations also seeking to spread
the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are dedicated to helping you make God Pleasing choices through faithful preaching, teaching, and Godly counsel for your family from God's Word.


Our pastor is James H. Rinehart. He has a Th.M. degree in Bible Exposition from Dallas Theological Seminary. Jim also holds a Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling from Colorado Christian University. In addition to serving on the pastoral staff of five other churches in Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado; Pastor Rinehart previously served as the Associate Professor of Old Testament at Rocky Mountain Bible College and Seminary in Englewood, Colorado.​



Edgewood Bible Church has 170 plus years of history. It started as First Congregational Church of Edgewood and is now Edgewood Bible Church.  The first resident pastor was Rev. H. G. Gates in July 1853. He organized the building of the church which was completed during the summer of 1854.

  In 1891, the old building was moved to one side of the property and the present church building was erected on the site. The old church building was sold then removed. Rev Barrett was the first pastor in the new church. 

  In January 1901, Rev A.J. Benton became pastor and at that time the parsonage was built. In 1948 the church celebrated it’s Centennial (100th) Anniversary. The 110th anniversary, included the dedication of a new kitchen addition. Which was celebrated on September 21, 1958. The 150th Anniversary was celebrated in 1998, a two day program with many former members, missionaries and pastors returning for a wonderful “homecoming”.  Forty-four pastors have served this church in it’s 170 plus year history.    

  The church started with a courageous beginning. Then 2011 started a new chapter for Edgewood Bible Church, with the building of  the Family Life Center and being blessed with a new pastor. So many more blessings!

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